Interest Groups Want Your Data

It is recommended that you read an article in the November 2012 Issue of the Professional Security Magazine about a four sided tussle concerning who does what with their crime data.

You can view the November issue of the magazine online and turn to Page 68 to read.

Mansfield Safer Business Partnership Have Cause To Celebrate

Mansfield Partnership Against Crime (MPAC) has just released the ratified crime figures for 2009/2010 that show a reduction in crime for Mansfield town centre of 20.4% over the previous year.

Mansfield Safer Business Partnership is delighted at the news and David Wilson the MSBP crime manager explained what the figures really mean.

'MSBP commenced work on 1st July 2006 and crime figures at the previous year-end totalled 2663 for all crime in Mansfield town centre. The figures are now down to 1634 for last year. This is a 40% reduction and over 1000 less crimes per year than when MSBP started. Retail theft is the lowest since the statistics started.

'Our community crime reduction work in identifying and deterring criminals has helped to save the police many thousands of hours of work and also saved a great deal of money. At about 1,000 to process a prisoner through the police system, this amounts to a saving of around 1,000,000. The work of business crime partnerships like ours is now an essential part in upholding community safety.'

MSBP are now looking forward to the changes and additional improvements they have planned for the town following the successful BID (Business Improvement District) vote.

 Report from the Leicester Mercury  

For your information, the below article appeared in the Leicester Mercury on 16th April 2009 having been written by one of their reporters, Cairan Fagan. It is re-produced with their kind permission : -

"A serial shoplifter who aims to pocket 1,500 a day and even employs a chauffeur to ferry her between towns has been spotted in Leicester.

The woman, who targets up-market shops and department stores, has become notorious in towns and cities across the country.

It is understood she has been jailed several times, but has been sighted in Leicester in recent days.

Citywatch, the Leicester business community's equivalent of Neighbourhood Watch, has confirmed the sightings with its counterparts in other parts of the UK.

The group this week sent the woman's mugshot to its 150 members.

It hopes shop staff will recognise her immediately and call police or escort her out. The woman, who is from Nottinghamshire, wears wigs in an attempt to hide her identity. She is understood to be a drug user.

Citywatch intelligence officer Graham Collins said: "Our information is that she aims to steal 1,500 a day and pays someone 150 to drive her around as she likes to have a drink."

"She seems to go for expensive items, such as fragrances, clothing and handbags. We were able to identify her from pictures which were distributed after she came to attention in Worcester."

 "We've put her picture out to people in the city centre, as well as Fosse Park and Thurmaston. We want people to be aware of who she is."

One city shop owner said: "People such as this woman can sink a small business. If we lost stock worth a couple of thousand pounds in a short space of time, we'd be in trouble. Hopefully, most of us know who she is now, so she shouldn't be able to get far in Leicester."

Information about the woman was sent to Citywatch by Midlands Retail Crime Initiative (MRCI), which collects intelligence about criminals.

Dave Wilson chairs MRCI and also runs a scheme similar to Citywatch in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. He said: "There is a suggestion this woman is a drug user, chiefly cocaine. If she steals something worth 1,000 the likelihood is she will sell it for 100 around the pubs. When we get information about criminals who travel as widely as this woman does, we circulate to groups such as Citywatch so its members can protect themselves."

Dick Pollard, Leicester city centre police's community co-ordinator, said: "She is a professional. "When she was arrested in Worcester they opened her bag and found a wig she used to change her appearance and a pair of pliers she used to snip off security tags."